Add metadata to the exported markdown files

The current export features: Export as Markdown file and Export as ZIP, both create Markdown files that lack crucial metadata. This makes the files useless if we ever need to re-import our notes into a fresh account, or (perish the thought) another piece of software.

What’s missing?

  1. Notecard UUID
  2. Parent UUID(s)
  3. Tags
  4. Icons

Rest assured, I’m not asking for this feature because I’m thinking of abandoning the Supernotes ship! Quite the opposite - for me, Supernotes is lightyears ahead of the competition on the vast majority of features I care about, and I suspect it’s going to pull even further ahead when 1.9 releases! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s rather because having a complete and robust import/export feature extinguishes the main complaint that most people have about keeping their notes in a proprietary and cloud-based service, namely the lack of ownership of their knowledge. When Supernotes can export your entire notes graph into files that look essentially the same as someone’s Obsidian or Logseq markdown files, then it’s impossible to be worried about the sovereignty of your knowledge. Then it’s just about picking the best tool to work on your notes - and we all know that’s Supernotes! :sunglasses:

One step ahead of you! In the upcoming version we’ve added a JSON export option which is a dump of exactly how Supernotes cards are represented internally.

Technically you can already do this via the API, but we realize that’s not very approachable to most users which is why we’re adding this option directly to the export interface.

Admittedly this won’t result in a files that are perfect for importation into [insert other app here], but unfortunately there are a bit too many clients to support at this point, so we’ll give you 100% of the data as it is but leave users to do a bit of post-processing on their own.

Oh, nice! That sounds even better than my idea. Can’t wait to try it! :sunglasses:

@connor When this feature will be released?

We will be releasing this feature in the next update!