Auto linking cards

OK, without sounding like Roam and Obsidian which are pretty good apps in their own right, but one feature which for me would be an awesome addition and one I guess that has been requested is wiki-linking, auto linking to cards either via tags or {{square brackets}} . Not sure how this sits with you guys but I think if you can introduce this, this would be a market winner for Super Notes.

Your thoughts gents?


Hi Karl, we will be vastly improving the ergonomics of the linking ability between cards with the new more powerful WYSIWYG editor. This editor will suggest links between cards, as well as tags and a lot more! Excited to share this with you!

Lol, now I know what you guys are talking about. Sorry simple user not programmer.
Can’t wait Tobias

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@Karper71, we have made linking easier with the latest 1.6 release. Once you have completed a card, select the text which corresponds to cards you have already written. By pressing / once you have selected text, the ‘Link Coupler’ will open and auto-find the card you are looking for. So you just have to press [Enter] to confirm the link.

I hope that helps in the meantime, until we have our WYSIWYG editor!

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