Broadsheet view with full-width cards

After some experimenting, I finally have a feature request that captures a portion of fixing the issue outlined in this ask.

To make the “Broadsheet” view work for me I end up making the SN widow so wide that the individual cards reach their max width, which is the width they appear with in the “List” view. This is the width I need in broadsheet view to use my cards without having to scroll horizontally on each one (most of them contain code).

Even though I have an ultrawide monitor, this app width is impractical. What is really needed, is a broadsheet view with cards locked in at max width. The number of card columns can of course be whatever the current viewport can fit with this max card width. 2 to 4 columns is where I would personally get the most usage, something that is currently impossible without shrinking card width.

Please consider this! I think the optional nature of the “max width” lock won’t hurt other users and their preference.


Hi @fuzzy.beach,

Great feature request, and definitely understand that the smaller size of cards in Broadsheet view can be constricting a bit.

In actual fact this is done on purpose as this is how your content will look like on mobile, so if you’re writing lots of long code blocks, it will also most likely be an issue on mobile (if you use Supernotes on mobile that is). However we will see what we can do to alleviate this as we appreciate that everyone has differing use cases on Supernotes.

One more thing you could try is decrease the default font size of cards in your User Preferences as then more text would fit on the cards!

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Thanks for considering this @tobias!

Actually, I don’t find it to be an issue on mobile. I use the mobile app to quickly capture notes or share things from the web/other apps, but rarely for anything in depth, like studying a concept.

If I do it’s on an IPad (would love to draw on a card with an Ipad btw :wink: ). I also think the horizontal scroll on mobile is so natural that it’s not an issue, especially since mobile only has list view, so I am always looking on a single card!

I have tried playing around with font size, but it doesn’t make sufficient impact unfortunately. I also don’t have the best eye sight, so a bit limited in my ability to go too small.


Just wanted to bump this ask :smile: I still struggle with this piece missing and have to do all kinds of shenanigans to work around it for my workflow