Bulk permission changes

Another situation I just ran into:

  • I shared a card with many (~40) child cards beneath it to a friend in Supernotes.
  • I realized shortly after sharing that the default role had been Contributor and so not only had the card been shared as that, but the friend had been added to all of the children as Contributor as well.
  • It was fairly quick to change my friend from Contributor to Editor on the parent, but I then had to go through all 40 child cards and also change her from Contributor to Editor.

If it were possible to remove and add her back, I might have done so to see if the cards would be shared to her anew as Editor.

I would love to either see a feature for this, or a workaround to avoid having to do that again in future… :sweat_smile:

I’m going to run into this a lot in the near future, as I add my co-workers to cards — I’ll try to be super careful for now, but any solution would be welcome!

Perhaps related to Multi-select cards for tagging, parents etc?

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We actually already have a solution for this in the works, which will (hopefully) be released in a minor (1.5.x) update in the coming weeks.

As with many other “simple” things, the solution is not so simple when you are dealing with multi-parent. However, we think we have come up with a good solution that should allow permission changes to propagate to (sensible) child cards as you would expect.

It is just always hard to balance convenience with “oops I just accidentally gave someone editor permissions to a card I really don’t want them to be able to edit”.

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A solution to this has been added in the development branch and will be included in the upcoming 1.5.2 release.

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