Common children / combined parent filters

I came across the fact that the directed acyclic graph we are dealing with in supernotes is can be seen as a pedigree. Currently, we can show in the noteboard all children of one select parent card. Using the pedigree image, that would include me, my siblings, but also my half siblings.

Have you ever thought about filtering the noteboard so that it shows cards that are the common child of multiple parents? This would exclude half siblings and only list me and my immediate siblings?

Attached you find a sketch of what I am thinking of.

I actually do have use-cases that would benefit from this, which I reluctantly implement using tags right now.

I understand this amounts to some deep conceptual change, so rather than expecting an immediate implementation, I would like to hear about everyones opinion on this matter.

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Ah darn you spoiled the surprise!

But yes, it would be a very cool feature – so cool that it is already in the works. Currently still in the design phase, but this kind of use-case is definitely something we want to support. Would love to see any other ideas people might have around this to help inform the design before we finalize it (probably soon).

Also minor correction but Supernotes card relationships are actually directed cyclic graphs, as you can actually have a child be the parent of it’s parent (kids, don’t try this at home without adult supervision). We limit this recursion in the tree, but otherwise it works as expected.


Great news!

It seems to me I have yet to come up with a feature idea where the response is something different from “nice thought, we had that too, already in the works”. The ambition you guys have with this product never ceases to amaze me.

Regarding the cyclicness of things, I just didn’t dare to try it out. Didn’t want to be the one responsible for your AWS catching fire. But good to know.

Btw., think of me as the guy causing like half the traffic as I’m pressing F5 every minute to check whether 1.8 has arrived.


Now that you presumably have a concept for implementation of custom collections locked in, and assuming it will not make it to 3.0, I’d like to know whether common children of multiple parents are still part of the plan, or if it turned out to be a more of the capacity to save the state of the view with its parameters as we know them today?

Is there a plan to implement a filter for parent notes?

Example (hypothetical):

  1. There is a “Recipes” card. All recipe cards are child cards to it.
  2. There is a “Books” card, all cards about all books have it as a second parent. I want to see all cards that have “Books” AND “Recipes” as parents.

At the moment, I don’t see a possibility to implement such a filter. Please, do not suggest using tags. I understand how they work, and my question specifically regards filtering by parents. If this is not implemented now, is it planned for the future? How much of a priority is it for the developers?

Thank you.

A way to view common children or indeed filter specifically by parents is still definitely planned, and will most likely arrive with custom collections post 3.0.

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