Filter by parent card

I can only filter by tags but what would make most sense for me is to filter by parent cards.

I use parent cards for projects, areas, resources - using PARA method by Tiago Forte (see attachment). So one card almost always has 2-3 parents: project, resource (topic), area. I do it because cards are hierarchical while tags aren’t manageable enough for this. I use tags for consistent metadata like #document or #in progress. Power of networked note-taking is in discovery of connections. Now it’s very limited for me in Supernotes :grimacing: Overall, Supernotes are super, though :grin:



Great feature request @nikita.korobkin! Love the clear layout, really helpful for us.

This makes a lot of sense. We will overhauling Filters to be a lot more flexible in a future update – to support more data types such as parents and dates as well as have nesting support. Looking forward to sharing this with you!


Fellow PARA user here, and I came to make this request as well.

Supernotes’ multiple-parent hierarchy is a great fit for the paradigm: a weekly team meeting could be a child of cards for the team (implemented as an area), discuss a project, and be tagged with the attendees (implemented as

Being able to filter like described would put the ability to find things in a PARA system over the top.

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