Create new parent / linked cards from within Preview

Not sure it’s a bug so I’m posting this as a feature request instead.

2022-11-18 Supernotes

Hi @kareldries,

Thanks for your feature request and gif!

Currently we don’t support new card creation via parent / card link coupler at all from within Preview, with or without creation using existing text (we have a little helper text to mention this as well, but it’s only visible with no results).

This is because Preview itself is used for the new card creation via parent / card link coupler of a card in the Noteboard. We need to add support for a Preview editing history so you can chain multiple new cards together. Since this FR is applicable more generally, I’ve modified the topic title and marked this as “In Development” – hopefully we can get something out soon!


Thank you for the quick reply and considering adding this to your backlog Tobias!

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