Export Noteboard or Card to clipboard as markdown

Frequently, I just want to copy and paste elsewhere (mainly to Word or another Word Processor) all the cards currently showing in the noteboard (ie with filters). Especially long form content. Right now, I have to export do .MD, open the file, copy and paste. In the export options, add an option to copy markdown to clipboard.

I tried selecting everything in view mode and copying and pasting, but I can’t seem to select the title of the cards and some markup is not selected.

Perhaps also an option to do so for individual notecards, via the … menu or the share menu.


Hi @MaxLinWorm,

Thanks for your feature request. I’ve marked this as ‘Under Consideration’, if anyone else would like this feature please like Max’s original post above so we can gauge interest.

In the meantime. For individual cards, you can press enter to edit it, CTRL + A and then CTRL + C to copy all the contents quickly. Granted it won’t copy the title, but it’s generally pretty fast.

Thanks for the tip. That’s my current workflow!

My post here would solve this.

I liked the post to add plus one, though I’d also like to export the whole Noteboard to the clipboard, not just a single card.