Font size settings

Is it possible to add custom font size in settings? The font is too small for my eyes, especially on smartphone. On a laptop I can use Cmd+"+" to enlarge the font size but not on mobile.
Thanks in advance.


At the moment using browser/app zoom is the only way to do this as you have pointed out, but yes the ability to change font-size is on our priority list. I will add your +1 to its priority!


I agree! I am a new user and this was one of the first things I found myself looking for. The font size in the app is not bad, although probably a little too small. I wish I could make it a point bigger even. I think it would be nice accessibility setting to have for a lot of people.

I would love this as well. The size on mobile is simply too small for me now to read without having to zoom into the page.

Hi @Nordinho,

We are releasing an update to the mobile apps very soon which will improve the size of the user interface on the mobile apps. Looking forward to sharing it with you!

Great! Looking forward to that release.