Handling cards with empty titles

The cards with empty titles should be supported by SN: there are cards which does not need a title. Currently cards with empty titles or the titles containing icon only are visible in Index and in header, but not visible in Add link/parent lists, which may be considered as a bug.

There is a suggestion:

  1. Card list: do not display ‘Untitled’. Just leave the empty title, or just an icon (if there is an icon, but no title text). Clicking/double-clicking on the empty title should open card for viewing/viewing children (this currently does not work: it is possible to open card with empty title from Sidebar, but not from cards list)
  2. Sidebar, Add Link/Parent lists: if the card title is empty (no icon/no text), display the first several words from the body of the card, enclosed in some unusual symbols. (For example: <Useful empty card>). If there is an icon, but no title text: display icon and the first several words from the body of the card (icon <Useful empty card>)

The way Apple Notes handles titles is good.

I get that linking between notes may make this a bit more complicated, but I find having to think of a title adds an extra barrier between having an idea and making a ‘minimum viable’ (ie linkable) note.

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That’s a fair point, and this is actually why we introduced the “Thoughts” tab – to allow you to rapidly create cards without worrying about titles, and then go back later and title them for the purpose of organization.

But I can see how some workflows still prefer to leave cards untitled and link to them anyway, so we will continue looking at how we can improve this behavior.


Even if cards weren’t linkable without titles (which would be completely reasonable), many of my personal use cases for this topic are solved with card hierarchies instead of titles.

For example: jotting down a quick 2-bullet summary from a conversation with Joe, then making it a child of Joe’s card. If I regularly talk to Joe, it seems like pretty useless overhead to add the title “Quick Conversation with Joe” to each of those notes.

This seems like a pretty idiomatic use of Supernotes and would ease, for example, not having daily notes to dump random things like that into.