Handling cards with empty titles

The cards with empty titles should be supported by SN: there are cards which does not need a title. Currently cards with empty titles or the titles containing icon only are visible in Index and in header, but not visible in Add link/parent lists, which may be considered as a bug.

There is a suggestion:

  1. Card list: do not display ‘Untitled’. Just leave the empty title, or just an icon (if there is an icon, but no title text). Clicking/double-clicking on the empty title should open card for viewing/viewing children (this currently does not work: it is possible to open card with empty title from Sidebar, but not from cards list)
  2. Sidebar, Add Link/Parent lists: if the card title is empty (no icon/no text), display the first several words from the body of the card, enclosed in some unusual symbols. (For example: <Useful empty card>). If there is an icon, but no title text: display icon and the first several words from the body of the card (icon <Useful empty card>)

The way Apple Notes handles titles is good.

I get that linking between notes may make this a bit more complicated, but I find having to think of a title adds an extra barrier between having an idea and making a ‘minimum viable’ (ie linkable) note.

That’s a fair point, and this is actually why we introduced the “Thoughts” tab – to allow you to rapidly create cards without worrying about titles, and then go back later and title them for the purpose of organization.

But I can see how some workflows still prefer to leave cards untitled and link to them anyway, so we will continue looking at how we can improve this behavior.

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