Help? Bug?

  1. When I click on the Open Command Prompt on the desktop app, I can scroll to see the following:


If I want to “Open Cheatsheet” for example, what is the keyboard shortcut as opposed to “Open Settings”?

  1. The cheatsheet seems to imply I can “Navigate between Cards” and “Expand / Collapse Card” using arrows. I can navigate cards using the up and down arrows, but the actions of the left and right arrows escape me. (The left and right arrows do toggle the parent card name to “unminimize,” but I can’t seem to figure out how to, for example, expand a card to show its children.

  2. The Daily collection seems to default to the last day I created a note as opposed to offering me a new blank space for the day?

  3. Currently, most of my cards, in a hierarchy, reside in a single outline topic: Curriculum (ACCM). Consequently, the graph view for Home should look similar to this outline topic. Here is the graph view for Home:

Here is the graph view for Curriculum (ACCM):


Is there some reason why these are different?

Hi @Mark_Cubberley, thanks for sharing your thoughts! If you haven’t already I definitely recommend booking an Onboarding Session with us as we cover most of these things during the session.

There are no keyboard shortcuts for these commands, as they are less frequently used than others. We have Command as a label to differentiate them from cards which can also be searched for in the Command Prompt.

The left and right arrow keys expand and collapse the cards between three states, ‘Collapsed’, ‘Default’ (long cards will be shortened and have a see more dialog) and ‘Expanded’ (the whole card shown in one go) – this is useful for revision / minimising cards you don’t want to see at the moment. To open cards please use ‘Shift’ + ‘Space’ as mentioned in the cheatsheet. You can also you ‘Shift’ + ‘Enter’ to directly open a card from the Command Prompt.

If you are already on the ‘Daily Collection’ you can now click on ‘Daily’ again for a second time, to immediately take you to ‘Today’.

Yes, there is a reason why they are different. Home shows you all of your cards, regardless of their position in the hierarchy, so when you view it in Graph View you can see all of the bi-directional and hierarchical links. Whereas when having a card ‘opened’ in the Noteboard, you are only viewing its direct children; so if you view the Graph it will also only show you its direct children. We are working on a way to adjust the ‘View Depth’, but it’s quite technically challenging – you can see the open feature request for this here. Even with just one level deep, the Graph view can be very useful as demonstrated by this post.

I booked an Onboarding Session. Thanks for the reply.

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