Keyboard Shortcuts - Cursor In Between rather than Highlighting All

I know I’ve mentioned this one before here: Hide the Keyboard Editbar on iOS / Android devices with physical keyboards but raising this again as I think it should have its own feature request and don’t want it getting missed!

When I press CMD + B to make bold or CMD + I to italicise, it doesn’t automatically move the cursor in between the asterisks, but highlights the whole of “****” in the case of bold or “**” in the case of italics which poses a bit of a disruption because I then need to move my arrow keys in between the asterisks before I start typing rather than pressing the shortcut and then typing immediately.

Is there a way this can be switched so when we run these keyboard shortcuts, rather than highlighting the whole thing, the cursor is automatically in between the asterisks or tildes (~) or any other symbol that is generated using a keyboard shortcut? That way we can carry on typing immediately rather than having to move the cursor to the middle which disrupts the workflow a bit.

When we want to make something bold or italicise it or whatever other formatting, of course then it makes sense to highlight it and then press the shortcut and that works great. But when it’s the other way around and we want to make something bold or put the italics in (or else) before we start typing it doesn’t work as well as it highlights the whole thing and we have to manually move it. Automatically moving the cursor to the middle so it would be (e.g. “| when CMD + B is pressed or | when CMD + I is pressed for example would be perfect. (“|” in this case is the cursor).

Sorry it’s a little bit wordy but hopefully that makes sense!

Hi @Fizzster21,

Thanks for the thorough feature request. We’ll make sure to look into this and see what we can do for you! :blush:

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Great, thanks!