Hide the Keyboard Editbar on iOS / Android devices with physical keyboards

Hey guys - using the Supernotes application on 3.1.0 on my iPad Pro.

Is there any way to deactivate the editor toolbar when we use a Magic Keyboard? I feel like the iPad version is ported over from the mobile (iOS) version of the app. However, I’m thinking the iPad version (with an external keyboard) should be more like the Mac version of the app. Is there a way to toggle it on and off?

Another couple of things I’ve noticed which impacts my workflow a little:

  1. When I press Tab on my Magic Keyboard to either indent or Shift + Tab to outdent, while it does complete the action - it stops editing the content and, in the case of the outdenting, the cursor moves to the title and, in the case of indenting, it stops editing completely which means I have to move the cursor back into the editing section of the card before I can continue.
  2. (I think this one is a more general issue that also shows up on the web version also when using my iPad) When I press CMD + B to make bold or CMD + I to italicise, it doesn’t automatically move the cursor in between the asterisks, but highlights the “****” in the case of bold or “**” in the case of italics which poses a bit of a disruption because I then need to move my arrow keys in between the asterisks before I start typing rather than pressing the shortcut and then typing immediately.

I hope the above makes sense but let me know if not and happy to clarify. Hope these can be sorted as part of a future update.

Hi @Fizzster21, thanks for the feedback!

So it’s more that most iPad users don’t have a physical keyboard with them all the time, so quick edits require the edit toolbar. However we’ve actually just added a behind the scenes variable that tracks whether you’re using a physical or virtual keyboard – so can now more easily transform the iPad with Magic Keyboard to feel a lot more like the Desktop app.

We’ve also got some outstanding improvements for iPad concerning keyboard shortcuts and this will arrive in a 3.1.X update. I’ve added the two points you mentioned for us to review and improve.

While we will try our best to make the iPad app feel as good as Desktop with Keyboard Shortcuts etc. setting expectations there are quite a few more limitations that Apple imposes that make some seemingly simple things a lot more difficult such as some keyboard shortcuts not working reliably and scrolling with an external mouse.


Appreciate the response @tobias !

Can I check, regarding that point around the variable to check whether a physical keyboard is being used or not - should / could it be the case that where a physical keyboard is detected, the editor toolbar is removed?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Fizzster21, no problem that’s what we are here for!

So we have a Desktop version of the editbar that’s currently in development. Once that’s released it will also be made available for iPad and we will turn off the keyboard editbar on iPads w/ magic keyboards.

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Since there’s other threads tracking the keyboard shortcut issues. I’ve converted this to a specific feature request to be able to toggle the keyboard bar off on iPads with Keyboards, so we can keep better track of this for you @Fizzster21.

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