Multi Select Feedback

We’ve just released the new Multi Select in feature preview, please leave any feedback and suggestions below.

In summary, press cmd / ctrl + E and select a couple cards, or enter the ‘Multi-select mode’ by pressing the button in the Noteboard options menu. Modify visibility, targeted date, colors, and add tags or parents for multiple cards at once.

This is still a work-in-progress feature, if you’re an Unlimited subscriber you can enable it under ‘Settings > App Preferences > Feature Previews’.


Congrats of the great new feature.

Here’s my VERY preliminary feedback:


RE the multi-edit I couldn’t find a way to ADD tags just to remove it.

Also, the option to remove appears even if the selected cards have NO tags.

Selection method

I’d much prefer a hover state over the card that the user then has to confirm the selection (similar to gmail, where the focus doesn’t select the email, only pressing x on a row with focus does).

With the current implementation it is impossible to select non-consecutive cards with the keyboard.

Batch editing tags with cards that have different tags

Also, the way the feature is implemented, I suspect it will be impossible to add only certain tags or remove certain tags from selected cards if they contain different tags between them. I’d recommend simplifying the menu, adding an edit tags entry, that then opens a new pop-up that shows all tags applied to the selected cards with a tri-state checkbox (so tags that only some of the selected cards have have an indicator, tags that ALL cards have another). Then the user could toggle the checkbox, alternating between removing that tag for all cards, doing nothing OR adding that tag to all cards.

To add tags that are not in any of the selected cards, the user could search for the tag name in this sub-menu/pop-up select it. Selecting it would add that tag to a list but NOT apply it yet, giving the user the option to search for more tags to apply. Then he user confirms with an apply tag edits button applying/removing the tag edits made.

This would be very similar to the way labels work in Gmail, and should be intuitive for every user AND more powerful

Another advantage of this approach is that it would enable me to add/remove multiple tags at once, without having to confirm each tag added/removed (as it is now, where selecting a tag prompts me to confirm my changes)

Batch editing parents

I also think the same approach above for tags would be better for parents too.

Also, there’s no way AFAICT of creating a new parent in the multi-edit mode. Only existing cards can be used as parents

Other feedback

  1. Don’t show preview when clicking card title in multiselect mode (requires too much precision in the click to select vs preview)

Duuh, Just saw you can add tags by searching for them. I believe this is too hidden and would def prefer a submenu with tri-state checkboxes like I mentiond

Is it desired behaviour that clicking the title of a card in multiselect mode actually opens that card? I agree with @MaxLinWorm that this does not feel quite right.

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So, I was going to ask how to “click”/activate the modify button after multi-selecting cards. I was having to use the mouse after selecting cards via the keyboard. I realized that pressing CTRL + K and using the command prompt works. It’s not very intuitive or discorable. Perhaps a hint on the pop-up?

I posted a nasty bug here:

Hey! Cool feature! I’m on macos with supernotes about page showing v2.4.0, but i cant seem to get the get multi-select working :melting_face: hitting cmd + E does nothing. Also I can’t find the mentioned “Enter multi-select” mode in the menu either.

You have to enable it under Settings → App Preferences → Feature Previews :slight_smile:


Loving this feature so far. It seems like you can’t currently bulk-apply parent cuts using the feature; that would be useful!

In addition, it might be nice to have some microsyntax to restrict the types of edits that appear in the modification search. Sometimes card names, tag names, and icon names conflict either partially or completely. When this happens you currently need to scroll through a bunch of options even if you know e.g. that you only want to add a parent. A microsyntax like parent:foo or icon:foo could limit results to just edits of that type.

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I’d just use the universal coupler shortcuts

As @MaxLinWorm wrote, the ability to create a new parent card from selected cards would be incredibly useful. Currently, adding a filtered search of cards (by tags for example) to a new parent card is a bit cumbersome.

Creating new “sets” of related cards (under a new parent card) based on filtered searches could be an excellent Supernotes workflow.

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I was happy to see multi-select as an option (though it’s hard to find the functionality, i assumed shift+click would start multi-select, not having to find it in the menu), then was surprised that when I tried to drag and drop multiple cards into a different parent (holding shift to MOVE them instead of just adding the parent, another hard to find feature), it only edited the one, and left the others there that I had selected.

Totally agree @ariccb, Multi-select (MS) is still missing a couple of things and we’re tweaking the ux to suit. We use shift+click on titles to open cards so didn’t want to make the keybind too close to that. Cmd / Ctrl + E will enter MS mode and then you can click any cards at will. We will add drag support soon!

(I’m moving this into the MS megathread as it’s still in Feature Preview)

Today, I was rearranging some cards in the Android app and wanted to remove their current parent card to assign a new one. However, I realized that this isn’t possible with the multi-select feature right now (or I haven’t found it). Adding this functionality is something I’d really like to see!

Hi @DunkinDonuts, we’re looking to add this in a Supernotes 3.1.x release. Looking forward to sharing this with you soon :slight_smile:

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