Offline mode planned?

I’m a very new SN user and there is one of the first question, that I have: is there offline mode planned with introducing desktop apps?

One of the strength of markdown format is the ability to quickly change the file by an external app/script. And this is possible, when note (card) is available offline and is synced with online version.

Something like this on the roadmap?


I know that desktop apps are on their roadmap, and I cant wait for this to come out :ok_hand:

Desktop apps are coming very soon, but initially they will not have offline support. But this is definitely something we are working to get out as quickly as possible, as we agree it is an important feature.

We would’ve liked to have offline sooner, but we want to make sure that any offline behavior works seamlessly alongside our collaboration features, which requires some extra work.

Great! Thanks for the info.

In the mean time, I wrote a simple batch file that opens my chromium browser to my homepage in app mode to a new window that I am starting to use. Presumably a native app will perform better but this is still pretty useful

I really need offline mode. It’s impossible to work with notes during trips when no good internet connection available.

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Hi @dmych, we hear you, and Supernotes 2 will further improve our offline functionality → if you lose internet connection you will be able to navigate between all your notes / views uninterrupted.

A fully-fledged offline mode with creating / editing cards is a high priority for us, and we will be focusing on this after the release of Supernotes 2.


+1 offline mode

+1 for offline mode.