Parent information not Syncing

Similarly to the tags bug where the tags won’t delete and stay between different browsers or the app. I’m seeing the same thing with the parent. I have a bunch of cards that I removed one parent and put underneath of another parent. But I’m seeing them point to the old parent until I click the edit button and then it does show the new parent but also still shows the old parent. So something still seems to be wrong with either the caching or the syncing of the parent information for the cards. Sometimes when I try to relink it to the new parent at least on mobile I hit finish and it says unable to do it but the card then seems to be correct and pointing to the new parent. I’m sorry if that’s all confusing but it’s a bunch of weird stuff happening.

Hi @fredmarkle, thanks for the report. We are aware of an issue surrounding cutting cards and caching and are developing a fix at the moment. This will be released as part of the next minor update.

In the meantime, if you log out and then back in, your cache should reset and everything should work as intended.

Awesome. Thanks for the tip, just did that and resolved the issue.

This issue is still accruing and I still need to logout and back in again to resolve. I wasn’t sure if you all thought it was resolved or not. Thanks!

Hi @fredmarkle,

I’m sorry to hear that this issue hasn’t been fixed for you. Which clients / devices are you using Supernotes on, so we can investigate this more thoroughly? I’ve modified the status back to will-fix.

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I’m using it between Chrome and the Android app. Mostly see the issue if I make tag changes on Chrome then they don’t show up on mobile until after I sign-out and back in again.