Re-rendering flicker bug on Apple Silicon Desktop App

Seems like when you have a card that’s in a “float” view, once it’s slightly longer, any additions to it cause a re-render and flicker.
EDIT: I think the upload cuts down the FPS quality, so it’s barely visible (you can only see it once but it happens on every newline addition). I can reproduce it consistently though.

Screen Recording 2023-06-29 at 1.50.23 PM

Hi @fuzzy.beach, thanks for the report, we will look into this!

If anyone else is having an issue with flickering when a long card is being edited in ‘preview’ mode please let us know.

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@tobias I hope the upload frame rate is able to show this. When A new card is created there is a page wide flicker for almost all other cards. Not sure that these are related, but adding together.

Screen Recording 2023-07-25 at 6.25.45 PM


Hi @fuzzy.beach, thanks for the additional details.

We’ve looked into this and found that some Apple Silicon macs experience issues if their storage is nearly full. Which app / OS are you using?

Hmm that’s odd. I’m using an M1 Mac, though I do have about 60 GB of space available on disk. I’ll try to free up some more to see if it persists, but that’s seems like a decent amount

This seems to occur if you have less than 10% disk space left – so if there’s 60GB out of 1TB then that would explain why. Something about the new Apple Silicon macs means that performance across a variety of apps can degrade if you dip below that 10%.

We’re still investigating and looking for ways to fix this permanently but for now that should be a temp. fix if you’re able to free up some space.

@tobias I have noticed this issue is specific to a Retina display and goes away on a lower res external monitor. So I am not so sure it’s related to memory only

  • When I toggle from AND to an OR filter, SuperNotes just crashes completely

Screen Recording 2023-08-16 at 9.52.56 AM

Well that doesn’t look good! Is there anything else you think you’ve done to get this to happen besides just the AND to OR filter? I’ve just tried to reproduce and haven’t managed to yet.

EDIT: Ah actually I think this might be another manifestation of that tricky flicker bug. That seem right to you?

Possibly? I think the flicker bug you lined was much more subtle though, that was was a flicker as I typed, and this is a full-on broken render across all cards :smile:

Actually, it seems like the “Not invisible” filter specifically is what breaks this :thinking: Not even totally sure what that filter does, I think it got populated automatically. But if I filter with just the two tags it seems to work.

After some more testing, i am seeing similar “broken” view issues across different flows, so It’s hard to pinpoint it to a specific set of conditions

Hi @fuzzy.beach,

We’re most definitely sure this is related to the flicker bug. If you narrow your window so the toolbar switches from the left to the bottom, the flickering should stop?

If this is the case we will merge this topic with the flicker bug.

Hmm I usually have the toolbar closed entirely. I wasn’t able to fix it by changing the viewport size

Thanks for checking this @fuzzy.beach,

Since none of us are able to replicate this, we definitely think this is related to the flicker bug, so are merging this topic with that.

:+1: Something to note @tobias. This happened to me on a device that has > 50% of hard drive space available (also an Intel and not silicon chip). I’m sure you know better how these are related, but the hard drive space is definitely not the cause here.

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I also have flicker issues on the broadsheet view and it seems that the more cards displayed, the worse the problem.

Device info:
Apple M1 chip, 16GB RAM, macOS Ventura 13.5.2

Hi @hahahumble, thanks for the additional info!

So far we’ve found the issue to be only when you have a card in Preview or viewing Broadsheet view; and this only affects Apple Silicon macs.

We think this is due to the amount of RAM available, so if you’re using a lot of memory heavy apps or if your storage is full (there’s less swap memory available) then this bug appears. We’re unable to find the exact cause of this, and our recent app performance improvements seem to have made the likelyhood of this bug appearing a lot less.

If you encounter this a quick fix is to make your window narrow so the toolbar is on the bottom, and then you’ll be able to continue to use Supernotes. This isn’t ideal though, and we’ll continue to investigate this and will hopefully fix this in an upcoming minor release.

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The broadsheet view will occupy a lot of CPU and memory(GPU), and there will also be very serious flickering when editing cards.


Video: Flickering when editing the card

Hi @hahahumble, thanks for your quick reply.

We think there is a memory leak somewhere with the Apple Silicon Desktop App builds as your GPU and Renderer processes should be a lot lower. I also have an M1 Macbook Pro and don’t have anywhere near this resource consumption, even with a broadsheet view full of intensive cards (code blocks and LaTeX).

We will continue to investigate and post here as soon as we know more!

There is one more thing I forgot to mention, the broadsheet view is very smooth when using the built-in display, but it flickers a lot when connected to an external 4K monitor.

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