Smaller list view

The list view is great. What I am missing is to set an even smaller list view, as an overview whats in a folder or under custom collection. Just a list of clickable titles under a parent or so.

My feature request goes into the direction of Columns list view.


It sounds like maybe you want a table view?

Yes, thats sound also fine, 'Ive read the mentioned thread also. A table view is just another kind of view, for having an overview it is also great.

To be honest, after that amazing time, I spend very little time with supernotes now.
Just because the existing view mode is too easy to interrupt my train of thought.

I really really really really really need a column view (for check-something-quickly )(Column list view mode), a whiteboard view (for arrange the thoughts to some rules intuitively)and a sub-section-group view (for view Hierarchical information intuitively :

Hi @EternalSummer,

I’m curious, besides the different view modes, what has led you to spend less time on Supernotes lately?

I’ve noticed that you’ve highlighted several feature requests, many of which are quite substantial and complex to implement. As a new guideline, if there’s nothing additional to contribute to a topic, we’re beginning to ask members to avoid simply commenting to express their interest, and to use likes instead. We gauge popularity more objectively using view counts and likes, and encouraging comments to be new thoughts and ideas promotes better discussion without being interspersed with +1s. If something truly urgent arises, such as a bug that’s stopping you from working, please send us a direct message in the app.

Features vary in importance among members with differing use cases, and we’re trying our best to ensure Supernotes moves in a direction that helps you while staying fast and streamlined. We’ve added a huge number of new features in the past year, and now we’re taking the time to consolidate and review our features as well as fix all the outstanding bugs before starting to work on another big release. We promise more will come soon and are looking forward to sharing these updates with you in due course!

Thanks for your reply.
You are right. I expressed impatience in my expression. Sorry for that.

My reduced usage time is mainly due to the fact that the existing view mode cannot meet my need for quick browsing of multi-level parent-child cards.

The current multi-level deep list view mode does not have any structural relationships, and if I don’t use a multi-layer penetrable view mode, I will get lost in the process of clicking down repeatedly.

In addition, the whiteboard mode is more conducive for users to forget about structural relationships, freely arrange them, and link their thoughts. Apart from these details, they do not decisively affect my usage. (above is translation)

Another thing
I think SN foucs more Feasibility of mobile ,but the desktop app is the key point.

I see many issues being put on hold for the adaptation of mobile devices, which hinders the progress of some new features for desktop. What I want to say is that mobile devices are already very useful as an inbox and search box.

Hope SN team can bring more desktop features for us.


I would agree that multi level browsing is a challenge. While you can adjust visibility levels, it makes it tough to grasp the relationships easily. An improvement here would be welcome, though I understand it may take a while due to complexity.