Web Extension / Clipper

I see that you have planned web clipper for Chromium browsers, but not for Firefox.

Where did you see that, @hexandcube?

Nevermind, it’s on the homepage.

@connor is this still expected in Summer 2020? I ask, as I actually started working on something like this today. Maybe I should move my efforts elsewhere :grinning:

The Web Clipper will actually support Firefox and Chromium browsers, and is currently in the works. No precise ETA on when it will be finished though.


What about clipping on mobile?

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Web clipper support for Android and iOS will be added, however first we will have to release our mobile apps!

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Hey Tobias, good news.

Could you provide an intermediary solution like Roam? They don’t have an Android app, but if you install it as an app from Chrome (not sure how this works), you can actually share anything to Roam. Ref: https://twitter.com/RoamResearch/status/1280916944032415745

Our apps and extensions are almost ready – and we will start to post beta versions here on the community for all of you who have expressed interest in testing them (Beta programm for new releases), so we won’t be spending time on intermediary solutions.

It seems like Roam’s is just an iOS Siri Shortcut shared using an external service. I haven’t looked into it much but it’s probably quite easy to create a personal iOS Siri Shortcut to save a link, format it as markdown and open Supernotes.


It would be great to have a Web Clipper Chrome Extension for notes.

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Hi @thinkenvy, welcome to the Supernotes Community! :tada:

A Web Clipper for Firefox, Chrome and Safari is on our roadmap. Looking forward to sharing it with you once it’s ready :slight_smile:


Is this still in the works? Thank you.

Hi @0cacc0cb,

Yes this is still in the works! We’re focusing on mobile apps and offline mode at the moment, but once they are out we will prioritise the web clipper. Looking forward to sharing it with you soon.

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