Ability to change card width in list view on desktop

I hope to be able to change the width of the cards in list view so that the space on both sides is not wasted:


Big :+1: from me. Related to my thoughts in Sizing troubles regarding single card and Broadsheet view card width!


Platform: Linux Debian 11 (Bookworm)


I am a user of the Supernotes app on Linux (Debian 11, Bookworm), and I’ve found that the current card frame size limits my ability to read, write, and visualize my notes effectively.

Feature Request:

I propose an option to extend the card frame in Supernotes, allowing for more text to be visible at one time. This would make it easier to read and create detailed notes. This option could be toggled on or off according to user preference.


  1. Improved Usability: This feature would make Supernotes more user-friendly, as users could adapt the card frame size to better suit their needs.
  2. Enhanced Readability: Being able to see more text at once would make it easier to read and understand the notes.
  3. Efficient Note-taking: With an expanded view, users would be able to write and edit notes more efficiently.

Possible Drawbacks:

  1. May require slight UI adjustments to ensure that the functionality doesn’t clash with existing features.
  2. Could take time to implement across multiple platforms if the change is not exclusive to Linux.



Hi @juniorgerdet, welcome to the Supernotes Community :tada:

First off, love the format of your feature request, very thought through. Offering ‘full-width’ cards is something we’ve been considering for a while. However, the reason we’ve not added this yet is because it slightly goes against the ethos and vision of the short-form format of Supernotes.

Offering a full-width mode encourages to do as exactly as you said write more detailed notes – creating longer content and content that won’t work well on a small screen, such as large markdown tables. By limiting the width, we encourage you to break down your ideas into smaller pieces, and ensures that it will look great on whichever screen your reading your notes on.

That’s also the main driving factor behind using the Broadsheet view over the List view.

Having said this, we still want to tackle all of those three benefits you’ve mentioned, and believe that a distraction-free mode, where you can see one card at a time (not full-width but with a larger font) will be a more optimal solution. This could be a toggled mode within preview so you can either view the preview as a card or in this distraction free mode.

Food for thought, it’s on our minds and we’ll improve this soon. If you have any further comments / suggestions please let us know down below :smiley:


A huge plus 1 for this feature request from me, while the narrow sizing is great for bite-sized notes, I inevitably have ones beyond that.

Except I would hope this isn’t Linux specific, but rather supported on all desktop OS :slightly_smiling_face:

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