Faster linking with [[

I’d like to be able to create backlinks using [[ or @ like other note-taking software allows, rather than using the /=>^ notation, which pulls you out of the note-taking flow a bit.


Hi @chuckharmston, thanks for the feature request.

We have plans to improve this, and hopefully we can get something out soon for you! In the meantime did you know you can select some text that shares the name of a card you have and then press / to immediately open and autofill this phrase in the ‘Link Coupler’ menu? Then just press enter to apply the link :slight_smile:


To expand on this, we can currently easily select text and after pressing / we can create a new card, which is convenient. But when we want to add links (to yet undefined cards), it is a bit clunky.

For example I’m writing a list of apps, and I want to make a card for each app.

  1. I can write the list and then manually select each item and press / to create a link, enter to confirm, and cmd + enter to exit (this is 5 steps)
  2. I can press /, type ‘link’ (or just l), then type the name of the card, press enter, and cmd + enter (this is 5 steps)

it makes the experience of “adding a list of links to other cards” not very smooth. I wonder if we can either skip the cmd + enter confirmation to exit editing mode of newly created cards, or have [ trigger card search, if no match is found, supernotes can propose creating and immediately linking a card when we close the brackets ], this would turn it to 2 steps.

Alternatively, we could select lists and have an option to turn them all into cards at once

Hi @nhlism,

Welcome to the Supernotes community! These are some great suggestions. Fortunately, one that you’ve mentioned is already being implemented right now. We’re currently working on improving the editor and one these improvements is to make inline interactions a lot faster and smoother.

Part of this, is converting the Universal Coupler (the menu that opens after pressing /) to appear inline. You will also be able to jump straight into certain options, such as parents and links, with keybinds – we’re still testing the best combos at the moment. But it’s currently looking like [[ for card links and >X where x is any alphanumeric character.

Looking forward to sharing this with you soon!