More robust/rich tasking system

Feature request to gauge if others in the community are also hoping to see improvements in this area and also check if this is on the roadmap.

Over the past 3 months of so I became much more invested into SN and use the application heavily. As a result it has become much more that a note taking platform and I now use it to organize all my tasks.

Are these any plant to invest into Task first feature sets?

Some things could be really helpful like:

  • Task search (specific to task items, not cards)
  • Task tags
  • Task deadlines/duration

I know that a card is the foundational building block in SN, but I guess i find myself missing first class task support. For example i always find myself with a card that has “today’s tasks”, and when I inevitably carry some over it’s a manual copy paste process that is rather laborious.

Being able to create and manage tasks outside of cards but perhaps link or embed them would serve as a big improvement i think.


+1. Right now, the only thing keeping me from using supernotes as my only digital note taking app is task management.

In particular, I’d want a fast way to group all cards with tasks assigned to a certain date into a single view/card. This could already be made possible using the tasks view and filter if targeted dates were added to filter support. We can currently sort by targeted dates but not filter on them. Similarly status filters for tasks would be great.

@fuzzy.beach’s idea of managing tasks outside of cards is interesting. It would be fun to see what kind of paradigms the team can come up with that keep tasks related to cards without necessarily making them strictly bound to cards or defined in cards.


Do One Thing And Do It Well might be a lazy answer, yet I reckon that supernotes, being a note making tool, will never be an alternative to a fully fledged task manager.

I don’t want to invalidate the desire for better handling of tasks, though. One way that I could see this being realized would be the ability to integrate tasks from third party services. I requested integrations some time ago having file storage (dropbox and such) in mind, but tasks would be a very useful application of an integration framework as well.

Do I make sense?

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I think acreom implements something like that, and I really liked the approach when I tried it.

Some great discussions here. I’m actually writing a blog post on this right now, and will post it here when I’m done. Much of the issue is changing your mindset and approach to tasks – in the Supernotes Paradigm.

Instead of creating tasks within cards, create a new unfinished card for every different task you have to do.

So if you have a task of “Write this blog post”, instead of creating a card called “Work Tasks” with that as checklist item, actually start writing a few sentences of the blog post in Supernotes. This is an organic approach and increases your likelyhood of finishing what you have set out to do. This might sound a bit unclear right now, but looking forward to sharing the article once it’s finished!

@solsen, Custom Collections is one of highest priority items at the moment and that will pretty much add everything you want. As it says on the tin you will be able to add new collections of cards that filter automatically with certain dates and tags.

@freisatz is right, Supernotes will probably never be as good as a dedicated task manager, and rightfully so. We want to be the best note-taker. That’s one of the reasons, we are continuing to build out our Developer Documentation (this is just released!) to make it even easier and easier for people to build and integrate with Supernotes. On top of this we’re also developing a way to visualise and link to data from outside of Supernotes within Supernotes; whether that’s tasks, cloud-stored files, or kindle highlights (but that’s a little way off a the moment).


Thanks, @tobias, makes sense. Looking forward to reading the blog post!

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Some good responses in this thread though I personally disagree with the premise that tasking is outside of the scope for SN. I think there is a recent tendency for Task applications to morph into almost project management tooling with task assignments, project timeline charts, etc. That’s ultimately not the improvement I am looking for, nor is it the right fit.

@tobias, making a card sounds great for a task that may actually need a card in SN whether as a final outcome or in some part of it’s lifecycle, but there are many tasks that i track, which don’t do that.

At it’s core, task management is actually a fairly small subset of features. And while I think the API first approach is great and it’s more that reasonable to point to the api for custom/complex flows, I would say that task management is fairly common and is likely to benefit a lot of users. In fact, since we already have the “Tasks” sections there has been at least some consideration for them.

So, hoping to see some tangible feature additions in this area!


I have yet to see an app that is anywhere close to being as good as a dedicated task management app. Amplenote is maybe the closest.
So I have decided to just use a dedicated task management app.
But there definitely is something to the idea that we often make our tasks the most while writing notes. So I’m split, but I don’t really care that much if SN adds a more robust task management system.

But I think something like how Agenda works with their “on the agenda” and “off the agenda” system. They essentially have a card based system too. But that whole system was a bit too confusing to me.

I’m rambling now. But I’m fine with the current system in SN for tasks.

Did you publish the blog post? I didn’t find it on Supernotes blog …

Still in my drafts! I’ve made a note to finish this. Looking forward to sharing soon :slight_smile: