Supernotes is my favourite piece of software

Most of my posts on this forum are feature requests and bug reports, which I’m guessing can come across as a little negative. However, my day-to-day experience of using Supernotes is one of almost pure delight! I wanted to share some of that positivity with @tobias and @connor, with the hope of it being a little motivating. :heart:

I spend a lot of time in Supernotes every day. It’s where I take my 1:1 and meeting notes, and where I write my work diary (which I later transfer to DayOne). It’s where I capture work challenges and solutions, and my goals. It’s also where I capture all of my study and permanent notes, in my digital Zettelkasten.

Supernotes just gets out of my way, and lets me quickly and effortlessly capture and structure my notes. I love how opinionated and “sharp” it is as a tool, because that encourages me to do the right thing and keep my notes small, atomic, and hierarchical.

I’ve always preferred specific and sharp tools, over flexible or blunt ones. If I’m thrown into a jungle and asked to survive, I’d much prefer to have a good hunting knife than a Swiss Army knife. Supernotes is the hunting knife of note taking! :hocho: (I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out which note taking tools are the Swiss Army knives :wink: )

@tobias and @connor thank you for creating a piece of software that adds so much value into my life! :heart:


Hi @JamesT,

Thanks so much for your kind words, @Connor and I are very touched by this! We’re really happy to hear that Supernotes has been helping you throughout your day-to-day life :heart:

Your engagement here on the forum and social media, especially those bug reports and feature requests, continue to drive us to build an even better knowledge management for you. Thanks for supporting us, we can’t wait to share more updates with you!

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Well said! It’s a really amazing piece of software

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