Move to SN from Obsidian - best practices, hints or thoughts?

I am just starting and beginning with SuperNotes after notetaking with Obsidian for more than two years. For my structure I had setup a PARA-inspired folder like note structure with tags. Because I have tons of notes to import, all ended in Home…
With SuperNotes I have a different and an other information orientation given by the cards, the views and the linking possibilities combined with a different retrieval/structure flow using multiparents.
Are there any refreshing ideas how to restructure in a soft way? I must not follow the same PARA-adapted structure, but I want smooth journey in SuperNotes. Perhaps some of you have done a similar software change before. Many thanks for ideas, hints or best practices. -oliver

You may want to have a look at the recent posts

where related topics are actively discussed.

Generally speaking, parents are a good way to provide context for an individual piece of information, and those contexts are not necessarily unique, which is why the multi-parent approach is so powerful.

Personally, I follow a paradigm that is based on a concept-based hierarchy, i.e. I use concepts like Algebra or Health as the building block of my central hierarchy tree and add non-concept information such as assertions and relations as that tree’s leaves. And yes, I use PARA as the root of that tree.


Many thanks @freisatz for your reading suggestions and your explanation about how you think notes. After some hours to move a part of my current notes I find multiparenting also really refreshing.